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40th Birthday Ideas for The Best Celebration Ever

Nowadays, the 40th birthday symbolizes a more confident, open, and evolved approach to life. It’s the New 30, but you’re a more experienced and wise person this time. It’s also a new chance to get on a higher level and live life to the fullest.

So, what can you do to celebrate this special day? We’ve put together 26 unique and fun 40th birthday ideas to make your celebration unforgettable! Let’s get the party started!

1. Have a Bowling Party

Everyone loves bowling, so it’s worth a shot. Bowling is a great excuse to get away from it all and have fun!

If you want to spice things up, divide your party into teams. Have everyone compete to win a prize (e.g., the best piece of a birthday cake). After all, why not have a little competition to add to the excitement?

Plus, you can take photos of what happens after each ball is rolled.

2. Host A Spa Party

Spa weekends are a great 40th birthday party idea.

Take your invitees to your favorite spa or visit one near you. What’s good about spa packages is that they don’t have to be expensive. Your guests will love the experience and be glad you took the time to plan it.

3. Host A Costume Party

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up as your favorite character. Costume parties always bring enjoyment.

There are many different party themes you can choose from, so use the time to pick one that you love. Turning it into a masquerade theme will add mystery and suspense to the party. Moreover, women can also make a goddess party, creating an unforgettable birthday celebration.

4. Host A Casino Night

If your friends like casinos, host your casino night. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with all your favorite people!

You can rent poker, blackjack, and roulette tables and hire a live dealer. Install them into your living room or make your backyard deck a mini-casino! Buy some chips, set up a mini buffet, prepare plenty of drinks, and you’ll be ready to party!

5. Organize A Let’s Do It Together Night

Have your closest friends come over and do different things together. It can be a mix of poetry night, a dance party, or playing Monopoly. It can be anything where you have fun and make memories with the people that matter to you.

6. Invite A Tarot Reader

Do you want to know what the future holds in store for you? A tarot reader might be just the person to tell you.

Tap into the mystical world of fortune-telling by inviting a professional reader to your 40th birthday party. Have each of your friends get their readings and discuss your predictions. Tarot cards can also help attract money, wealth, love, or whatever the heart desires.

7. Prepare Everything For Who Dunnit Mistery

No, we’re not in a horror movie! We’re talking about a 40th birthday party idea where someone gets murdered by the title character.

Murder mysteries are a great way to kick up your game! And they are a no-brainer as all instructions and varieties are available online.

8. Organize A Get- Down Event

Turn your backyard into a hip-hop party! Add music and dance to the mix, and you’ll celebrate life like the pros!

Throw in a big steak dinner, the ultimate party favors, and a few buckets of ice-cold beer. Or order food from your favorite restaurant.

9. Create A Photo Booth

That is the perfect way to add fun to your backyard party or summer soirée. Attach a photo booth and let your guests take a shot for themselves or the world!

The best part of a photo booth is that the photos you make are memories you can keep for the rest of your life.

10. Organize A Sip And Paint Night

Consider organizing a sip and paint night. Grab a few canvases, a couple of colors, and some brushes. But don’t just stop there. Take it further by painting bags, bedsheets, balloons, or tees with the tie-dye technique.

Order a bottle of wine or two, and immerse yourselves in the world of colors.

11. Rent A Boat

Renting a boat may be expensive as a 40th birthday party idea. But it’ll sound good to someone who doesn’t feel like going overboard at the theme park.

There are loads of things to see from a boat. Moreover, the vast horizon allows people to take in the sun’s beauty and enjoy the fresh air.

It’s an excellent way to have a great time with family and friends and celebrate a milestone birthday.

12. Go Hiking

You can’t have your birthday cake and eat it if you don’t go hiking.

Choose a trail that everyone can handle. Make sure to bring snacks and water. You’ll need time, but it’ll be worth it. A little exercise like this can make the day more enjoyable.

Don’t forget to take some pictures once you’ve reached the top.

13. Take Your Friends To A Concert

If your favorite band or singer is coming to town, call all your friends with the same passion. Send them into the night – or the day, whatever is more convenient.

They’ll have so much fun singing, screaming, and dancing together. And they’ll love your 40th birthday party idea.

14. Go Somewhere With Your Partner or Best Friend

Spending your birthday surrounded by your closest ones is an amazing feeling. However, if you’re not in the mood to have a serious celebration, you can choose something less stressful and carefree.

Book a hotel room for the weekend and enjoy the getaway with your significant other or a best friend. Or spend a night or two in a cabin in the woods with them, enjoying the peace and quiet.

15. Run A Race

Are your friends complaining that they need to get in shape? The perfect chance to give them a boost is to organize a race.

Run a 3k or 5k solo or with a team.

The race gives you an excellent opportunity to support a good cause. Most of the proceeds from the race could go to the charity of your choice.

In addition, you’ll encourage exercise while providing your friends with a fun afternoon. What more could you ask for?

16. Go Skydiving

In for an adrenaline rush? Go skydiving.

Skydiving isn’t among traditional 40th birthday party celebrations, but you get to be 40 only once!

Your guests will be amazed by the unique experience. The adrenaline will rush through their bodies as they plummet through the sky and free-fall at incredible speeds. The thrill of it, their breathless joy, and exhilaration will leave them speechless.

So why not take a leap of faith and say “yes” to it?

17. Host A Karaoke Night

No person doesn’t like karaoke. Hosting a karaoke night is one of the easiest and most fun 40th birthday ideas.

The great thing about hosting a karaoke party is that you can have it anywhere. You can even host it on a patio outside and listen to your guests have fun in the fresh air.

You’re not limited to just singing. Try to incorporate a few karaoke games, and it’ll be a night to remember.

18. Visit an Escape Room

Exploring an escape room is a testament to perseverance, no matter how difficult the task is. Interactive escape rooms can have you strategizing, thinking, piecing clues, and exploring in the blink of an eye.

There are numerous options to choose from. It could be a race to escape from a safe in just 60 minutes or a mystery to solve. Or it could be a game to make it out of a room with a full heart.

Either way, go on a thrilling escape quest with your friends and family.

19. Watch A Show

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a magician, an illusionist, or a Broadway show – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s something that offers escape from the mundane routine.

And shows are a perfect choice to keep your mind off things.

Your friends will be in total awe at the performance.

20. Organize A Beer or Wine Tastings Night

Find local, artisan beers or wines that are hard to find on the shelves and create a night that everybody will remember.

From DIY beer glasses to planning your own individual tasting boards, a party revolving around beer or wine is sure to be a success!

21. Book a Roller-Skating or Ice Rink

Having a roller-skating rink or an ice rink rented out is a great way to celebrate your 40th birthday. Have the whole family or friends come and skate to their heart’s content.

Or, if you are feeling more competitive, go for the roller derby.

22. Throw a Backyard Barbecue

You can’t throw a party without food and drink, so why not throw a backyard BBQ?

Grab a grill, get everyone together around it, and cook up some good food. Have your family or friends bring their favorite beverages, and have a ton of fun.

23. Have A Seaside Birthday Party

If your birthday is in the summer, you can rent a cabana on the beach.

Relax with your friends while basking in the sun and eating excellent food. Listening to the waves as they crash on the shore with sand under your feet will make your birthday party the one to remember.

24. Organize A Movie Night

Sometimes simple is best! Let each party guest decide on the genres or have them suggest some of their favorite movies.

Or, to keep it a surprise for your guests, put a list of movies in a box and have them choose what to watch.

In the end, you can discuss the movies you watched and choose the one you thought was the best.

25. Go Camping in the Country

If you and your friends like camping, go on a camping trip to the serene countryside.

You can use the time to practice and hone your skills in new experiences. Or just get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in the beauty of nature.

26. Get Ready To Be Roasted

As long as being roasted is okay with you, everyone else will be having a great time. Your birthday party will turn into a life-long memory that invitees will be talking about for years to come.

Decorate the space with some 40th birthday party decorations. Display food on buffet tables or dining tables, load up on beverages and let the roasting begin.

27. Do The Volunteering

I decided to save the best for last.

In my humble opinion, the best 40th birthday idea is to ask your family and friends to support a cause you like. What better way to do it than volunteering?

Volunteering is a top birthday idea because it lets you give back to your community. At the same time, it creates a sense of unity between your closest while you get a good time out of the process.


These 40th birthday ideas can make the big day a huge hit. Whether you have a large or small group, these ideas will help you mark it in the most unique and innovative way.

Feel free to try out any of these ideas or mix up a few, depending on your hobbies and interests! The important thing is that you enjoy your special day and create a long-lasting memory.

Happy 40th birthday! 

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