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33 Life Hacking Best Motivational Books To Level Up In 2022

Have you ever spent two hours swiping through social media posts and wondered where the time went? Or ever felt bored but had a lot on your to-do list? It’s motivation you’re lacking.

Boredom is a mindset. Science has shown that motivation and energy are connected. In a brain imaging study, researchers at Vanderbilt found that the brains of “go-getters” had higher dopamine levels in the reward motivation portion of their brains than “slackers” who had higher levels of dopamine in the part of the brain associated with emotion and risk. Dopamine is critical to motivation and reward seekers. It comes down to costs-benefits.

Do you see something as having a low cost-high benefit ratio? Or do you see it as a high-cost low reward? Luckily you can combat dopamine resistance and build motivation. Reading a motivational book can inspire you to reach a new level, do new things, or take on a new challenge. Here are 33 of the best motivational books to get you started in 2022.

Best Motivational Books

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. The 5AM Club
  3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
  4. Choosing Me Before We
  5. The Magic of Thinking Big
  6. Everything is Figureoutable
  7. Make Your Bed
  8. Big Magic
  9. How To Be Fine
  10. The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up
  11. Fail Until You Don’t
  12. The Energy Bus
  13. How To Win Friends & Influence People
  14. Atomic Habits
  15. Grit
  16. Do It For Yourself
  17. More Than Enough
  18. Becoming
  19. Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One
  20. Judgment Detox
  21. The Gift of Imperfection
  22. Bare
  23. Money Master The Game
  24. You Are A Badass
  25. An Intentional Life
  26. Your Next Level Life
  27. Dare To Lead
  28. The 80/20 principle
  29. The Power of Moments
  30. Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life
  31. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
  32. Between Grit and Grace
  33. 52 Small Changes For The Mind

Reasons to Read Motivational Books

It’s easy to read this list of motivational books and skip reading them. But that’s not helping. So instead, take the time to read the books to change your life. Here are ten reasons to read motivational and inspirational books.

  1. To better understand people, including yourself. Skewed opinions and bad vibes aren’t helping anyone. The most obvious benefit to read every day is to learn. You’ll learn about other people and yourself. You’ll better understand that the uniqueness of people is essential to innovation and growth. You’ll learn about compassion, humility, and gratitude.
  2. To see that perfection doesn’t exist. Nobody’s perfect. Including you. Reading motivational books will highlight stories of other people who have overcome through hard work and determination. Learning from the mistakes of others spares you the pain of learning through mistakes of your own.
  3. To broaden your mindset. Motivational books can show you what’s possible. Help you broaden your vision and goals. You’ll gain confidence and motivation to do more and do better.
  4. To accept failure. Failure isn’t a bad thing. It’s necessary. All of the most successful people have failed at one point or another. Motivational books will show you that failure is a stepping stone to success.
  5. To get out of a rut. Sometimes we don’t know when we’re stuck in life. But when a new book enters the picture you begin to see things differently. You’re inspired to try new things. You’ll discover a new purpose, small things to do, and a boost in motivation.
  6. To remind you that you’re in charge of your life. Mastery is the goal. You have the power to control your mind, which controls your actions. It’s never too late.
  7. To not feel lonely. Reading can provide a source of companionship. You’ll share in the lives of the authors and work through your trials of life with someone else at your side.
  8. To reduce stress. Books can help reduce stress, especially when read for pleasure. It’s a wonderful way to escape life and enter a new world to see things differently.
  9. To help you focus. Reading forces you to take your mind off everything except what you’re reading. You’ll learn to free your mind for long periods of time. It’s critical to
  10. To exercise your brain. Reading in general exercises your brain. Reading stimulates your brain networks and activates different areas of your brain. Researchers have found that our brains must be used to remain strong and healthy. Exercise your brain with books to keep your cognitive abilities strong.

Alternatives To Reading

Reading isn’t for everyone. For some, they don’t have the time. Others don’t enjoy reading. There are plenty of alternatives to try:

  1. YouTube
  2. Podcasts
  3. Book summary clubs like Skimm, Blinkist, Instaread, and Sumizeit
  4. Book clubs

Final Thoughts

Books can teach you much more about life than you could ever pick up through observation alone. A good book will infuse your mind with life-affirming concepts and positivity that put you in the most optimal mindset to accomplish anything.

A good book will help you overcome limiting beliefs and perceived inadequacies. It will allow you to create new goals that accelerate your growth. So, the next time you’re stuck, check out this list of the ten best motivational books you need to read in 2022.

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